The heart shape has become the symbol of love. It is the symbol of passion and compassion. Today let’s ponder what an Interfaith heart looks like. The heart symbol holds a cherished place in all faith traditions yet the emotions attached to the heart have no limits and no religions.

Little ones often ask, “Where does God live?” Our answer is often, “God lives in your heart.” It seems the most likely abode would be in the heart. Jesus is quoted as saying, “The Kingdom of God is within.” From Buddha to Jesus, from St. Francis to the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, the heart has always seemed to be the center of our connection to the Divine, the Infinite, and the Sacred.

Science, medicine, religion, new thought, and ancient teachings verify that our hearts send out powerful vibrations that can impact everything from our physical health and existence to our spiritual condition. Loving from the deepest place in our heart can make a difference in any space we occupy. All of the humanity seems to understand the language of the heart.

Messages from our heart are a universal language. It is understood in a smile, in the softness one can see, or in someone’s eyes. No words need to be spoken, for it is felt. All we need to do is pat our heart when looking at someone and the message of oneness, connectedness, and compassion is understood.

This week I encourage you to pay a little more attention to your heart. An exercise I recommend is to first look into the eyes of someone you care about for a few minutes with no words and pat or touch your heart. With this exercise, you will truly experience the power of the heart.

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