New Meditation CD

Sherry weaves wisdom from a multitude of sources (Psychology, World Religions, New Thought and Universal Truths) into life lessons that are easy to apply. Here, she presents us with mindful, guided meditations accompanied by flute music. Simply inspiring!

The Secret Place has the power to change thought patterns. It can be a tool to discard limited thoughts and replace those thoughts with beliefs in your power to receive.  

You can listen to each track individually or you can listen to the whole CD to accommodate the time you have devoted to meditation. The possibilities are endless as you personalize your meditation and mindfulness practices. This CD has been highly acclaimed by both experienced, and those beginning the practice of meditation.



Track Listing

  1. Going Within
  2. Secret Place
  3. I Am Here to Remind
  4. Road Not Traveled
  5. 3D Circle of Light
  6. Free Your Mind
  7. Tribute to the Beatles Meditation
  8. Abundance
  9. Sweetness of Life
  10. Theater of the Cosmos
  11. Flight of Transcendence
  12. Give and Receive
  13. Start of a New Day
  14. Renewed

Listening to Sherry’s voice has a calming quality even in the most stressful times. This CD has the added benefit of fantastic content.

– Bev

The guided meditations are a great way to dedicate time for mindfulness. This has helped me make meditation a daily practice.

– Kathy

Genre: Spiritual: Inspirational
Release Date: 2016