Spirit Space offers many different meditation techniques. We offer meditation classes and workshops throughout the year for beginners and the seasoned meditator. Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm is group meditation. All are welcome.


With all the chaos of life, there is an answer to finding peace and that answer is MEDITATION. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in many cultures and religions. One does not have to be religious to practice meditation, yet meditation surely does raise a higher consciousness.

What is Meditation?

Mediation is the practice of quieting one’s mind. Meditation moves the mind into peace and clarity of the present moment.

Meditation at Spirit Space: Every Wednesday 6-7pm

On Wednesday evenings, we join together for meditation that begins and ends with live, native flute music. We gather in our meditation room at 6pm. Join us for the full hour or any portion of the meeting. Please leave your shoes at the door of our sacred room.

Our meditation room is open and available any time our doors are open. Please feel free to come and take a tour. In this room, there is also a burning bowl that can be used to release what no longer serves you well.


 Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes are occasionally added to our schedule based on demand.

Pastor Sherry teaches meditation classes here and elsewhere. Please inquire at 616-836-1555.

If you are in the area, we welcome beginners to our Wednesday night meditation gathering from 6-7 PM. Guidance and printed material is available.

Meditation Techniques

There are a multitude of meditation techniques and traditions, but all types lead to mindful awareness and expanded consciousness.

Meditation is medication for the mind. It is the clearinghouse for our thoughts. ~Pastor Sherry Petro-Surdel

Silent Meditation

Sometimes it is difficult to hear the Whisper Within. Silent meditation is a time to allow thoughts to come and go without being attached to the thought. Watching your thoughts pass through your mind as a cloud passes over the landscape of the sky.  Watch a video on silent meditation.

Buddhist Meditation

Aims at cleansing the mind of impurities and distortions by being aware of your breath. It cultivates awareness, joy and serenity, bringing you into this present moment. Watch a video on Zen Buddhist mediation.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation walks you through a meditation and assists you in going to a peaceful, calm state, one step at a time. Included in this format is chakra cleansing and balancing, problem solving and stress reduction techniques. Watch a video on guided meditation.

Discernment and Wisdom Meditation

This form of meditation begins with clearing your mind. You then come to the “Secret Place of the Most High” with a request for guidance or wisdom. You ask a question and listen for the answer. Watch a video on wisdom, discernment meditation.

Visualization Meditation

This type of meditation has the ability to teach, guide and heal. Often mental visualization becomes real in reality. Its subset is affirmative restoration. For you see, the mind has a difficult time distinguishing thoughts from reality. Your thoughts can create your reality. Watch a video on directed visualization meditation.

Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation is also know as Centering Prayer or Contemplative Prayer Meditation. In Christian meditation, one sets an intention spiritually for what you are longing for in your heart. From that, one creates a word or prayer that will center you with your meditation. Watch a video on Christian meditation.

Benefits of Mediation

There are many benefits including spiritual growth, physical and mental health, relief from fearful, angry or painful thoughts, and/or to explore greater self-understanding.


Importance of Meditation

The spiritual benefits of mediation can raise our own concsiouness taking us beyond what we think and feel in our physical bodies. It is a practice that brings us closer to the Infinite Source of Creation. It enhances our spiritual awareness and connection.

We come closer to the I AM when we are still and have that intention. Meditation helps us experience the oneness with our Creator and our self.

Meditation makes you feel great! Meditation has been found to:

•      Relieve stress and anxiety

•      Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

•      Promote more restful sleep

•      Strengthens the immune system

•      Promote more efficient oxygen use by the body

•      Promote emotional stability and positive thinking

•      Happiness!