Two mindful bites: At each meal or snack.

Take a deep breath.
Place food in your mouth and feel the texture.
Pay attention to the flavor.
Is it sweet, sour, bitter, spicy?
Who was involved in getting this food to you?
Express gratitude for this bite.
Let it set in your mouth without swallowing for one minute.

One Breath

Take one minute to focus on your breath.
Feel the sensation of your chest rising and falling.
Feel your breath move through your nostrils, your throat,
your chest, your whole body.

Mindful Moment

Focus on an object or space that is attractive to you.
(A candle, a flame, a picture of a loved one or of nature.)
Or gaze out the window.
Keep your attention there. If anything else pops up, go right back to your original focus.


Go outside and take three deep breaths.
Then pay attention to the air on your skin.
Maybe your face is the only exposed skin.
Feel what it feels like on your cheeks for one minute.

Body Scan

Take one minute to scan your body from head to toe.
Check if there is any tightness or discomfort.
Send your breath to those areas.

Do One Thing For One Minute Mindfully

Doing the dishes,
walking the dog,
petting the cat, etc.