If you come to a space and you do not like the energy, check out the energy you bring to that space. Or if a space has good energy and you feel it shift, take responsibility to shift it back by checking your energy. Dr. Taylor says “Check and make sure you are aware of your responsibility for any shift.” And Oprah adds, “Nobody but you is responsible for your life. It doesn’t matter what your mama did! It doesn’t matter what your daddy didn’t do!” Because you are here right now, it means you are worthy. We must stop the self-destructive cycle of blocking our own blessings because we do not feel inherently good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, worthy enough. It is our birthright to be worthy. 

Be The Energy You Want To Attract

What is life? Life is ENERGY. It is energy and we are transmitting it all the time and the world is responding in kind. You are responsible for the energy you create. Do not wait for someone else to fix you, change you or complete you. It is yours to do, only then are you free. (Read more on this in my book  – A Voice Of Reason )

Coaching Request & Questions: ( Tip >>> dedicate a notebook for our coaching questions every week. You can reflect back as your journey takes you down a path of knowledge, awareness and healing)

  1. What does it mean to you to be responsible for your energy you bring into a space?
  2. How can you personally shift energy?
  3. We receive in direct proportion to what we give. Where in your life has that been demonstrated? Is there some place in your life where you can create this reciprocal effect more consistently?

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