I have often heard people say, “I have tried this affirmation-thing and it doesn’t work.”

What Causes Affirmations to Not Work
  1. If the affirmation has not been repeated enough. Remember repetition is the Mother of all learning. For a new thought pattern to be formed it must be repeated many times before it becomes a mental habit.
  2. If the affirmation is not specific enough it sends mixed intentions into the universe and you will get mixed results. For example, let’s say you create an affirmation such as, I affirm more money in my life. You may find a quarter in the parking lot and that affirms more money for you.
  3. If your affirmation lacks a strong emotional attachment. A nonchalant approach. Your head may be affirming it, but your heart is not.
  4. Everyone has an inner resistance system. Some call it a lack of faith. Sometimes the resistance comes in the form of ego or fear. Thoughts such as I am not worthy of the thing I am affirming. This resistance often sends out a competing signal into the universe.
  5. It may not be in your best interest or for Highest Good.
Spiritual Component of Affirmations

When we express a desire, we put it into the universe, the whole universe conspires to co-create with us to make it happen. The universe takes what you say seriously and literally. God only wants to give us the desires of our heart that is for highest good, highest God. This is why we end our supplication prayers with the words, “for highest good”. Often we may think we know what would be highest good, we may think that because we don’t know all the information, but God does. Or we want it to unfold our way in our time.

A Good Place to Start
  • A good place to start to become successful in creating powerful affirmations is affirming the divinity within.
  • The kingdom of God is within.
  • I have the answers to all of my questions.
  • God and I are One.

Here are some hints for creating affirmations:

  1. Always write or say your affirmation in the present tense. Say I AM, not I WILL.
  2. State the affirmation positively. Using the word NOT is negative. When we attempt to affirm something with a negative, our unconscious mind screens out the negative. An example of this is to say, “I am not angry”. The mind hears that I am angry. Right now I ask you to not think about pink elephants. What are you thinking about? I bet pink elephants. An example of a positive affirmation for I am not angry would be: I am loving, forgiving and peaceful.
  3. Know what you are going to do with the gift you are affirming. This particularly applies to prosperity. Napoleon Hill taught in Think and Grow Rich, to know what we are going to do with a portion of the gift when we ask for financial abundance or good health. This is the gift of tithing or paying it forward.
  4. Remember to be persistent and purposeful when creating and affirming your affirmations.


I affirm this information on affirmations is helpful for you in communicating with your Creator. I encourage you to go within and seek an area that you wish to write an affirmation. Maybe it is about health, abundance, peace and/or purpose. I recommend writing your affirmation on a 3 x 5 card. Remember the importance of repeating and focusing on this desire. Consider how you will use this for highest good. Give thanks in advance for the answer.

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