Did you ever have a feeling that something is up and about to change or shift?  Maybe it starts as a sort of silent whisper in your being. And then it becomes a pop up in your mind often at the most
unexpected time. Sometimes it comes in advance what I call synchro divinity. You know the signs along the way of life to guide you. We each have a personal G.P.S. inside of us a God positioning  system. This system helps us to navigate through the un-charter territories of life. Keeps us from getting lost. Now just as our G.P.S. devices in our cars and on our phones must be turned on and
after it is turned on we must pay attention and listen for direction. Turning your positioning system on begins with a clear intention.

Set your intention to pay attention to the whispers that come your way. Did you realize that the word Listen has the same letters as silent. One cannot listen in chaos. Silence is a sound. The sound of Silence is the beginning of the journey to understanding the wisdom.

I encourage you to set a few moments aside each day dedicated to silence. By doing so you are activating your G.P.S. In those times of feeling lost or without direction. Trust your inner guidance system to guide you home.