Relationships have the power to increase our happiness or decrease our happiness. They are so powerful that they can melt the heart or break one. Quite possibly relationships are the most important thing in life. We needs relationships as part of our existence. There are some who prefer to not have a relationship with humans because of deep hurt, yet they can have a loving relationship with an animal or nature. This is still a relationship and yes it is true that animals often provide us with an unconditional love an experience that is often not available within our own species. We came here to love and to be loved. Today I offer a prayer for each of us as we go through this week and consider love and relationships.


Holy Mother Father God designed Loving Light and the heart of our universe. I humbly ask for healing power of your grace to help me overcome my own insecurity and self-doubt in relationships to others. Help me remember that I am a beautiful being who deserves to be and can be fully loved for who be sending angels to help me regain my confidence and trust that I am lovable even when I doubt it. I thank you in advance with my whole heart and soul for answering my prayer and loving me as you do with Infinite love and hope to carry me through.  Amen…. and so it is.

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