Dear Coach Sherry, Do I have to invite unruly family members to parties when they continually misbehave?

Dear In Search of Family Boundaries, It is never easy to set boundaries but it is extremely difficult when it is with family members.  Your questions cause me to wonder if you are not comfortable with letting your family know they will not be receiving any more invitations if they cannot be respectful.  Often our uncomfortableness around setting clear boundaries has to do with fear.  I suggest that you ask yourself, what is it that you are afraid of occurring if you do not set this boundary?  Take the answer to this question and then ask yourself, can I live with this possible outcome?

Maybe your concern is real and maybe it is not.  I recommend that you spend some time with your thoughts and do this exercise of answering questions as it can help with this specific issue as well as many other situations in life.

Check out these two questions:

  1. What could be my fear associated with this situation?
  2. Am I prepared to live with the possible outcome of my decision?