Many of us are too busy, taking on workloads that create a very stressful lifestyle. Doctors and researchers are recommending that we slow down or we will pay the price with our own well-being. Our body and mind react to stress which causes both a mental and physical impact on our bodies.
Often our reaction to stress is to eliminate activities that can best combat the stress we are experiencing such as eating right and exercising. All because we feel there is not enough time. Some of the stress related illnesses include: depression, mood disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and anxiety. Stress, especially stress over longer periods of time does harm to the body. Scientific studies are showing that stress can affect the brain, creating more gray matter and causing weight gain and a weakened immune system.
Scientific studies are also showing that mindfulness leads to increases in regional brain gray matter density. Remember, those most active have the greatest need for time alone. Time alone is an investment in the rest and restorative process.
I encourage you to introduce 1 minute of mindfulness or meditation daily.