I woke up today experiencing the briskness of a fall morning, my senses were stimulated and refreshed. Yes changes in the air whether it’s the seasons or in our lives. Today I want to share with you an encouragement to maybe help you through those times of change that come in your life. Often we tend to resist change- when we do this change becomes more difficult. Remember what we resist persists


May I suggest when you experience changes in your life that you take them in like one would take in the fresh cool air on a fall morning. I am suggesting you brace the change instead of resisting it. An example I like to give of the experience of resisting versus embracing is that of an overly tired little child who is resisting sleep. You pick them up and you hold them in your arms and the child struggles and resists the inevitable and suddenly you feel that little one melting into your arms into your loving embrace and there is rest. Next time you find yourself struggling resisting what just might be the inevitable winds of change blowing through. Remind yourself…..quite possibly you are like that tired weary little child and let yourself melt into the arms of loving faith and rest. ?

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