Most of us have no regrets. Most of us have known that sick feeling of defeat. It begins in our gut, moves up to our chest and it settles like a lump of hard dark coal in our heart. This past week I was reflecting on the things that I had dubbed as failures in my life. You know if only…. and oh what made me do that memories. As I took each one out of my knapsack of useless items that I carried with me everywhere I go I felt a renewed sense of freedom when these words echoed in my head….. failure would have to have not have tried- Failure  would have been to not have tried.  I could see that in each one of my perceived failures that I had received valuable lessons for the journey ahead. Each failure brought new beginnings in my life, each perceived failure spoke to me of my own dauntless spirit that kept on even when the judge in my mind declared me guilty and sentenced me to a lifetime of shame over and over again.

Failure is only a failure if I had not tried.  Suddenly each lump of coal turned into a piece of gold in my heart. I have experienced alchemy. I ask you to consider to become an alchemist today. Turn those regrets and judgments about things of the past into gold by acknowledging they were part of your journey to discover. Failure will only be failure if you have not tried. Last week’s message I left you with the words of My Angelou “ if I would have known better I would have done better”  and I now add this part for your journey is to turn those experiences into gold by freeing yourself of the belief of failure.

Live your life on purpose

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