Take just a moment and think about our judicial system. We can only be tried once for a crime. For any crime that is brought to the system, the verdict is given and that settles things. Granted, questions may remain but in the court of law, we must move forward once a sentence is declared.

Transform Guilt Through forgiveness

Now, contrast this situation with the justice system in our minds. We can ruminate on our words, actions and/or thoughts and we often sentence ourselves over and over again. It may be a big lesson for us or a small misdemeanor but we can go over the situation many times. Just think of all the productivity that we interfere with when we waste so much time beating ourselves up. Paying for something over and over again is an injustice to our own well-being.

We must forgive ourselves. We need to acknowledge that we did our best and we now know that we can do better the next time around. Life itself allows us to be in a constant state of learning and consequently we are in a continuous state of growth.  Forgive yourself for past indiscretions and do your best each and every day.

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