“Our brains are constantly rewiring in response to changes in our feelings, thoughts, experiences, and the way we use our body. This phenomenon is referred to as the plasticity of the brain,” from, Using Mindfulness to Rewire the Brain by Paul Tingen. Consequently, when we are suffering and we focus on the symptoms of our suffering, the deeper those symptoms are etched into our brains. If this pattern persists, the mind is essentially training itself to be sick.

Train Your Brain For Well-Being

Whenever you find yourself ruminating with a thought or words of suffering, try inserting a positive phrase or thought, such as, “this is a happy moment” or “I am grateful for all the good in my life.” With this approach we are training the brain to deepen and strengthen the path for our well-being.

Our subconscious does not know if what you are thinking is happening now or if it is a thought. Make each thought a mindful, present (in the now), well-being thought. Create affirmations for yourself that are in the present, such as I am blessed and I am healthy. If you would like to schedule your coaching appointment with Sherry call 269-281-4944

FREE RESOURCE: Print off this affirmation card below and write your affirmations and post where you can see them. (click on photo and right click to save to your desktop or print)

create affirmation cards

** If you would like to explore more on this topic, here is the link to the full article by Paul Tingen. http://tingen.org/mindfulness-rewire-brain/