I just returned home from a spending five days at the pyramids in Mexico.  I spent that time with Don Jose the son of Don Miguel Ruiz. Don Miguel is the author of many books mainly the Four Agreements The Mastery of Love. If you have not read any of their books I encourage you to do so. They speak from an ancient tradition of the Toltec the Toltec is not a religion it is a path to personal freedom and who does not want that. What is personal freedom you ask? It is returning to the authentic you, the you that you were created to be, the you that you have become is not the you that you are, the you that you are right now is about all of the domestication socialization from the limiting belief systems that have been given to you over to the years. The five concepts are simple ones. Be impeccable with your word, don’t take things personally, don’t make assumptions, always do your best and there is one more listen and be skeptical.

I have been a practitioner of these concepts for many years and I personally can tell you they have transformed my life… I am free or because of them. As I said I’m a practitioner…I’m still practicing. The first agreement being impeccable with your word is the most important one. For it means that you speak respectfully and compassionately and gently to your selves. Be impeccable with yourself and the words that you speak to yourself. Then you will be respectful to others. Number two, don’t take things personally.  You know we all live in our own reality that was created from our domestication and our experiences we don’t see things a like. I often think as someone who is being harsh with me or anyone else. Oh you poor soul, you must feel very badly about yourself. So don’t take things personally they are about the other person. Number three don’t make assumptions much suffering happens because of making up stories in assumptions. Ours is to know our own self. We don’t need to be as concerned about what we think everyone else is doing and why they’re doing it. Number four always do your best. Remember our best changes from time to time always go back to be impeccable with your word to yourself by being gentle and compassionate as you do your best. Finally the fifth agreement (yes I know I said 4 Agreements. Don Jose authored the book The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self Mastery) or contract. Listen to yourself but be skeptical, be skeptical with your own thoughts and remember don’t believe everything you think.

Living with these agreements can free you from the prison of your own thoughts. If you’d like to read more about that please check into the Four Agreements. Also my book A Voice Of Reason has much about that as well.

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