We have all heard how beneficial meditation can be, not just for our spiritual life but for the stress of life.  Many say they just can’t meditate, their mind is just so busy. Old memories of regret tend to surface into our minds or the busy day’s events. This is an opportunity to release them and let them go.  There is a reason meditation is called a practice.  It takes practice.  Practice requires persistence and repetition.
Coaching request:
I suggest you start with five minutes a day of sitting still, focusing on a point of interest.  It could be a flower, a candle, a spot on the floor.  Nothing more.  Practice where you are at this moment and you will develop the desired skill.  [Read more on Meditation]
I invite you to further explore your meditation options. Do you need a daily plan?  I can help you create a plan just for you and your present needs. Office visit or phone appointments available.
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