Have you ever tried to run from a shadow?  It is impossible because it just chases you, doesn’t  it?  It is similar to Greek mythology around dragons.  The legend says, if you run from a dragon that it will chase you.  If you draw your sword and fight it, for each drop of blood that falls, another dragon will appear.

The shadow side is sometimes referred to as our dragon or our demons.  Well, in Greek mythology the only way to tame a dragon is to face it and tell the truth.  To understand our Shadow or dark side is to face it and find the truth.  The coaching term is Look, See – Tell the truth.  For the truth does set us free!

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist was the first to connect the phrase shadow as part of our psyche and he said:  “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious”.