Our culture and the teachings we receive from early on tend to teach us to turn a blind eye to any darkness within us. We want to promote peace and the light in all, but just as the day and the seasons present darkness, so is the way within us as well.
Shine a light in your darkness
Given our early impressions, our egos often do not want to spend time looking at the darkness within. If you are up for the challenge, just for this week, take a look at what bothers you the most about others.
We only truly connect with things that are within us, so do a bit of soul searching and look to understand the connection you have with what irritates you about others.
We all encounter dark days. Rejoice for the light and the decisions you have made that have brought you to this day. Ram Dass teaches an excellent method for owning our judgments of another person. Own your projection by saying, “And I am that, too.”
Coaching request:
This week when you have a judgmental thought of another, add the words “And I am that too.” We all have insecurities and weakness to address throughout our lives. When you have a judgmental thought about yourself, acknowledge the light within and know that you can choose light instead of focusing on the darkness.
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