A Dutch author, Touber in A Crash Course In Enlightenment asks and answers the following question:

How do you get to know your own shadow so we may cast light on it?

Answer:  By looking at what you are projecting onto others.  What bothers you in others?  What hurts you?  What do you judge or reject?  That is your shadow.  Anis Nin said “we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  That is our shadow and this is our light.  Touber suggests the way to cast light on your shadow is through:

  1. Meditative inquiry and consciousness
  2. Asking questions like; who am I in my highest?  When I am showing up less than that, what is it I need to see and learn about myself?
  3. Seek and find mentors.  Be with people who truly stimulate you, challenge you and inspire you.

It is all about a willingness to look, see and tell the truth.  Honest consciousness.