I’m recording this message from the airport on my way to Costa Rica to see my son.  Costa Rica’s slogan is Pura Vida which means the pure life.  What does living a pure life mean to you?  When I enter my meditation practice I begin with the intention of creating a clear mind and a pure heart I encourage those of you who practice meditation to enter with an intention that is pure.  I also want to encourage you to enter your life with a pure intention.
Pure Vida…. you may wonder what is a pure life I believe it is one that is filled with self-respect and unconditional love –  then and only then can we fully respect and unconditionally love others. On waking in the morning try to give yourself a hug. Yes, that’s what I said. A Hug.  Don’t wait for someone else to give you a hug.  In that hug whisper words of encouragement and validation.  Another aspect of living a pure life is a life that is filled with gentleness and compassion. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. No harsh words to yourself. 

Think about this… when someone is harsh with you does it make you feel very good?  Absolutely not. Our whole being doesn’t feel good when we are harsh with ourselves. Next Monday’s podcast/voicemail will be from the land of Pura Vida  instead of from the airport.? 

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