One of the most important lessons one can learn in life is to not be attached to the events of life. We can find a sense of purpose and each event in our lives if we are fully present but let us not be attached.
You may be wondering well what’s the difference between being fully present and being attached. When we need the event or the life to be exactly the way we expected it to be or desired it to be that the outcome becomes more important than the actual experience is being attached. Being fully present is being completely in the moment without the expectations that it be in a certain particular way. Living in the present allows us to feel and express complete joy in the beautiful moments and to feel.
Express grief and sadness in the times of sorrow, a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time for joy, a time to mourn. These are part of the cycle of life. Now gift and present are often interchanged those words. So I say today enjoy the gift of life by accepting the present. The cycle of life requires that nothing stays the same just as every beautiful moment doesn’t last forever. Each painful moment will not either. Yet with the power of thought we have the capability to stay in pain much longer than the actual event. I have known people who choose to live in the pain of the past in the present day after day. This is not a gift. This is torture.
Children and animals are great teachers of this principle if you ever watched a child enjoy ice cream or a dog roll in the grass you know they are fully present in the moment.
This week. I urge you to be fully present practice letting go of the outcome. And being present with the experience.  

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