Dear Coach,

I recently found very explicit pornography sites on my computer after my 19 year old son had used it.  My oldest daughter insists that all boys consume porn. The content I viewed made me very uncomfortable because of the extremely graphic nature.  I am not looking to embarrass my son and I want to be cognizant of the healthy development of his sexuality.  I know there is a tremendous amount of pornography available today.  Please, help me with a response!

Dear Concerned,

As a mother I can understand your concern.  Given that your son is considered an adult, you have little control over his choices.  What you do have control over is the use of your computer and the internet access in your home.  I suggest that you have a heart to heart talk with your son about your concerns.  I would end it with a request that he not use your computer or the internet access in your home for his personal purposes.