When we feed something it grows. Whether it be our bodies, plants and/or our gardens. If we feed something too much, it may get stronger and take over. While feeding things is often a very positive process, we also have the ability to feed things dangerous to our health and well-being such as our fears or negativity.

Please Don’t Feed the Parasites-

Just as a pesky mosquito can distract us and cause us discomfort, we can cause our own discomfort with negative thoughts. These negative thoughts are parasites that we must be intent on getting rid of. They are all the thoughts that fed on our fears, our anger, our discouragement, our thoughts of judgment and our sense of unworthiness. Parasites feed on things that are dead and decaying. Our negative thoughts, stories and judgments are the parasites robbing us of our life force. Please don’t feed the parasites – The parasites are a composite of the judge and the victim in our mind. Take time to understand the thoughts and stories you keep that are not good for you and discard them. If something is troubling you, acknowledge that you have learned from the situation and you will do better the next time.

Please Don’t Feed the Parasites!  If you would like to hear more on this topic, please listen to Sherry’s talk here:

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