Did you know that you have the power to shift energy. Yes that is what I said you have the power to change energy. You can change it and you can in any situation. Have you ever walked into a room or been in a situation and felt the energy shift or maybe you’ve been in a conversation with someone and suddenly the energy changes. Dr Jill Bolte Taylor author of My Stroke of Insight Harvard trained brain scientist suffered a stroke and what she discovered was that peace is never more than I thought away… that is a powerful statement.  Peace is never more than a thought away and the reverse is true chaos is never more than a thought away. She urges us to be responsible for the energy that we bring into any space. So in other words thoughts create actions. Scientists tell us that thoughts represent electrical energy.  Electrical energy comes from every thought we have. Thoughts become things and thoughts are energy –  we need to harness that energy and use it productively.

I ask you to pay attention to your thoughts today. What kind of energy are they producing Is it fuel efficient energy,  is it clean energy, does it produce the desired results?  Can you harness that energy and use it for good for all?  Late Wayne Dyer wrote a book titled Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life and it is estimated that we have sixty thousand thoughts a day and that’s quite a lot of energy going on.  You are today where your thoughts have taken you, where you will be tomorrow is where your thoughts take you to. Remember watch your thoughts because they become your actions, watch your actions for they become habit, watch your habits for they will become your character, watch your character for they become your destiny.

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