Hola ❤  I greet you from Costa Rica the land of Pura Vida – the pure life. This curving paradise of Manzanillo, Costa Rica is filled with wonder and beauty. The sea is roaring from the distant hurricane today, we are grateful that it has avoided us but we pray for those in its path. As I reflect on this I am reminded of the storms of life that can create havoc and destruction in our own livesWhat I know is that the beauty of our inner being is always present and when the storms over the nature’s beauty comes shining through….. paradise is only a thought away. That’s what I said…. paradise is only a thought away. You see we create our own suffering long after the storm has ended when we agree with the storm. What I mean by that is when we join in the damaging winds of negativity and ungratefulness we can miss the beauty and the wonder of our own paradise within and without.



I encourage you to day to enjoy the wonder of life both yours and the life that is found in nature the elements in all of creation

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