Are you enjoying your life? Now that may sound like a strange question. It is a most revealing question. What does your answer reveal? It tells you much about living with your
purpose. When we are living a life that brings joy we are living on purpose for purpose. What makes me say that? It is because we were created to be Joy in joy and live joyfully. Life is always waiting for us to experience a joy filled life. That is only possible if you take care of yourself, if you love yourself.

Many don’t love themselves because they are not being their self. Love thy self means you love the person who you really are not the person people have told you that you are. I encourage you to get to know you. It is one of the first steps and learning to enjoy life. The next step to enjoying life is to embrace positivity. The only thing that can shift negativity is positivity.  Negativity cannot survive where positivity thrives.  Enjoy your life, know yourself and all its beauty and uniqueness, live in a state of positivity and watch your joy grow.

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