I had the amazing opportunity to spend time with Don Jose Ruiz and others at a retreat in Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Don Jose Ruiz & Sherry Petro-Surdel 2016

Since my return, many have asked me what it was like, what were the highlights and how did the trip affect my spiritual life? These are great inquiries. I have asked myself these same questions and I can summarize the experience with these words:

  • Intense, emotionally and physically
  • Transformational
  • Deepening


It was a physically challenging experience. I have had some physical limitations over the last couple of years due to some injuries as well as medical conditions. So, the thought of climbing 242 steps straight up to over 210 feet in high altitude air was a very challenging thought.

It was INTENSE, emotionally, because not only does the wisdom of the Toltec teachings challenge one to take a very close look at the agreements that have been made with oneself, but it places one right smack in the center of one’s fears.


Transformation means that something is no longer as it once was. I am no longer as I once was. There are times lately where I do not recognize myself. I have less rhetoric (words) and more moments of immersion in silence. Even my busy mind takes silent breaks now.

I have less need to convince anyone of anything. The most significant transformation came in the form of a message that told me, “Sherry, you have spent your life coming from your heart, living, from your heart. The time has come to TEACH with your heart.”

Each day I wake up with these words. Come from you heart, teach with your heart. What this will look like, I am not exactly sure. What I do know is, I am different. I believe I understand with my heart, not with my head, what alchemy is.


I have never been known as an “On the surface person”. I have been told that I am very deep from the time I was a small child. What I believe was meant by this description of me was that I ask many questions, I see things more as metaphors than concrete actions or things. I often ponder things rather than accept them. As a result of my trip to Teotihuacan and a deeper journey into the Toltec wisdom, I am going deeper than I ever have gone. Deeper into my own psyche, deeper into the contracts I have consciously and unconsciously made that have not been in alignment with my highest self and my beloved Creator, Master Way Shower.

I also have deepened my understanding of the beauty that I carry within. I am learning to be the love of my life, respecting all that I am so that I can better encourage others to be the love of their lives. Only then can we fully love God and others.

I’m so glad to share this beautiful experience with you all.

From my heart ?


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