Dear Coach Sherry,

Do you think that it is reasonable for parents who have their adult children living with them because of lost jobs and the rough economy be accountable to show them a budget and show that they are staying with the plan?

Dear Loyal Parent,

Your question is very pertinent in this day and age.  Many parents are finding their empty nest filling up again because of economic situations.  It can be a bit challenging for both parents and returning adult children.  Even the phrase “adult child” is a bit tricky.

I believe this needs to be looked at on an individual basis.  Ask yourself a few questions, first, what is your confidence in what you have already taught your child? Then ask, what have they demonstrated concerning their ability to manage finances?  It certainly could be helpful for them to have a concerned, caring but respectful overseer available as a resource.  I do believe setting guidelines for how the adult child is planning on becoming independent again and the estimated timing to make this a reality, is something that should be discussed before the child moves back in with parents.  This discussion will help ensure there are no misunderstandings.