Is emotional suffering really necessary?  Emotional suffering hurts very badly but we do not have to suffer over and over again.  Pain in this life is inevitable but suffering is optional.  Deepak Chopra said “Suffering is pain held onto!”  I am not denying the existence of the pain as certainly we have all experienced it. But with that said, I choose not to hold on to the pain.  If and when I do hold on to pain, the suffering gets worse.

Quite a few years ago I was told that my son would be blind within a few months. I started suffering immediately and it followed me light a shadow both day and night. I realized that this was no way to live and I knew I did not want to be a victim so I looked for truths that I could apply to get me through the day, the night, the next 24 hours.

I found seven principles that helped me change my thoughts to the present moment, thoughts such as:  he is not blind and he is alive.  In this moment there is no need to suffer.  I made choices that were based on true, not false belief systems of some future possibility.  I focused on what was true NOW, for now is all that is real.

Carlos Costaneda said “We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work and energy is the same.  But one gives us strength and the other creates fear.”

What if today we were grateful for everything

Here are the principles that I follow to eliminate emotional suffering:

  1. Respect and value yourself and all others.
  2. Give up the need to be right.
  3. Avoid Judgments.
  4. Forgive Instantly.
  5. Keep Your Word.
  6. Stop Being Offended.
  7. Practice Gratitude.

Defying all odds, my son still has his site.

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