I woke up this morning with thoughts of doing my best today.  No more…. no less.

When you know better you do better

Doing our best is another way of accepting ourselves as we are- yet not settling for anything less.  Our best changes some times our best may seem less than what it was the other day or the moment before doing our best. These are gentle reminders to live in the present not what was yesterday or what is tomorrow just our best at this moment.

Often when we’re doing our best the monkey in our mind can remind us of times that we maybe weren’t at our best. This is a good time to remember the words of Maya Angelou “If I knew better. I would have done better.”  We can be more gentle on ourselves when we know better. We do better doing our best being in the presence of our own knowing and our knowing changes just as doing our best changes. Actually when we look back on decisions and behaviors of our past and we can say that isn’t how I would handle that situation. The words do your best are gentle reminders of your desire and the fluidity of life. How do you know you are doing your best? Check in with your heart not your head. Your heart will not lie to you. In your heart you know this is the best you have at this moment. Trust and no one can tell you…you aren’t doing your best for you see no one is you. There are times when I ask myself that question am I doing my best and then my heart will nudge me to engage more in something to do a little bit more and sometimes my heart will tell me…..just relax and let it be for you think doing our best is not overdoing. Doing our best is to be fully present with what we have to offer in this given moment.  I received a plaque from a friend who knows me very well. It reads I’ve learned that the Lord didn’t do it all in one day and neither can I.  So be gentle because I know that loving yourself and others will for sure show you have done your best and you are at your best.

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