“Did you know that being happy is 50% based on your DNA and 50% on your choice to be happy? The good news is you have a 50% chance of choosing happiness.  ~Sherry Petro-Surdel
Be A Fountain Not A Drain
Be a fountain NOT A DRAIN
Let the happy flow out of you. Our smiles, our happy attitude will reflect onto others.
Here are some examples on how to focus on happiness:
  • Express gratitude for all the good in your life.


  • Take a walk outside taking time to notice the architecture, the nature, the smells and the smiles. Take some time to put thought to the things you are attracted to, and what you like about those things. (Such as, the architecture, a particular flower, bush or tree, a bird close by, the smell of lilacs or the smell of freshly cut grass.)


  • Recall positive events in your life. Keep some photos close by that bring memories of joy.


  • Create new memories. Try something new at least once a week and make note of the new sensations. (Try a new restaurant, adventure to a new park, museum or art gallery. Collect stones or shells, notice the nature around you, share a smile and see where it leads.)


  • Listen to music that makes you smile.  (The Secret Place CD )

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