In a Jewish marriage, the groom pledges to be a good and faithful husband by saying these words “I will work for you, respect you, sustain you.”  Notice the word love is left out.  We often will say, “Well isn’t it love that unites them?”  In Jewish culture, it is often thought that it is respect that unites them and out of respect comes love, not the other way around.  I tend to agree.

When we speak of the importance of self-love, maybe it could be even more effective to speak of it as self-respect.  For if you respect yourself, you will be more aware of what does not feel respectful to you.  Disrespect of self-leads to disrespect of others. Respect thrives when we value and maintain the individuality of the human spirit.  It has often been said that love is more egocentric because when we love we often expect to be loved back, but demonstrating respect is really loving back.

Coaching request… Ask yourself these questions:

How respecting and loving are you to yourself?

Do you say unkind, disrespectful things to yourself?

Do you value and respect your individual views, needs, and desires?

You make choices as to how you are going to live your life but you are a magnificent creation that came here by divine inspiration.

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