Dear Coach,

I am very connected to my church and I attend regularly. My husband believes in God but chooses not to attend and will sometimes make jokes such as saying, “Don’t drink the Kool-aide” as I am walking out the door on Sunday morning. I can’t say his behavior is a problem in our relationship, but I believe that our connection would grow with a closer spiritual connection. What guidance can you provide?

Dear Don’t Drink the Kool-aide,

You stated that your husband’s humor regarding your choice to be active in a spiritual community is not a problem in the relationship, yet understandably so, you would like to have a closer spiritual connection. Consider expressing that to him. Maybe he would appreciate knowing that you would love to share with him a closeness in all areas, physical, intellectual and spiritual. You could ask him the following “What are some ways you both could share spirituality that are not about an organized faith tradition?” I admire that you do not let his humor stop you from attending your church. It also is admirable that you are so accepting of his path. Both are important traits of a loving, accepting relationship.