Dear Coach,

At what age do you recommend that siblings of the opposite sex stop bathing together?  My son is eight and my daughter is 6.  They seem to do well showering together and when they do so, it saves me time but I would like guidance on what is in the best interest of my children’s development.

Dear Busy but Concerned Parent,

I so appreciate your willingness to address this subject.  Certainly cultures and history have much to do with the appropriateness regarding opposite sex and developmental boundaries.  Different children develop differently.  If you are not certain whether it is appropriate, that could be an indicator that maybe your parental G.P.S. is pointing in the direction of separating them at shower times. There are counselors trained in helping parents make informed decisions around what is in the best interest of your child.  My motto is when in doubt, get connected to someone who has education and experience to support you.