Many of us will look for things to fix throughout of day, whether it be a physical item, a relationship or a situation. This brain activity also can lead us to obsess on the flaws we see in ourselves that we want to fix. This week I ask you to focus your attention on your strengths and positive attributes. Each time you are conscious of a judgmental thought about yourself this week, replace it instantly with an attribute of success. It may be a small act of gratitude or kindness, but take time to reward yourself.

Wings of transformation

Here are a few suggestions to help you find your own best version of yourself:

  • Compliment the cashier or another grocery store worker if you used the auto checkout.
  • Share a smile with those walking past you
  • When you notice someone doing their job well even if it is sweeping the floor, let that person know that you noticed their effort
  • Comment on a great smile that you find infectious
  • Help a friend with a task or chore
  • Prepare a meal for a loved one
  • Serve in your community

Take time to create your vision of the best version of the highest vision that you have for yourself. Find those small things you can do each and every day to emulate this vision.

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