One must trust, forgive and love oneself to truly express love, forgiveness, and trust for others.  Many days this is much easier to say than accomplish.

Iyanla Vanzant in Until Today said “Trust is a simple process.  Either you trust or you don’t trust.  You either trust yourself or you don’t trust yourself.  When you don’t trust yourself, you will not trust other people.  When you do not trust other people, you cannot trust the process of living or loving in which other people are involved.  When you are not open to living fully, it means that you expect to be hurt.  This expectation makes you constantly afraid that you can’t handle the pain.  When you don’t believe you can handle something, it means you don’t trust yourself.”

We must build our own inner resources so that our safety and security lie stably within ourselves, not based on others.  First, we must trust our self. This comes prior to being concerned about trusting others.  Second, we must develop an unconditional yes to life as it is.  Yes to life means you accept that life loves you and you trust that truth.

Buddha said:  “You as much as anyone in the universe deserve your love and respect.”  Jesus said:  “Love yourself as your neighbor.”

When you respect yourself you would not violate your principles or your values.  When you are living in your own integrities, you will automatically be respectful of others. It has been said, if you do not respect yourself, you cannot fully respect others.  The same is said of trust and of love.

To understand this more fully, consider the times you have been in one of those “not so pretty places” of being critical and down on yourself.  During those times, how friendly and loving are you feeling toward others?  When down, go high. Affirm the things you do like about yourself. Spend some time in thought about those things.

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