“An alter is a mirror of the heart, a reflection of the energy, attributes and love that you carry inside.”  ~Sean Johnson
Alter is the mirror of your heart
Create a Home Altar
We make altars regularly and often we don’t even know it. A collection of meaningful photos of your family or close friends, can create an altar. Maybe you have an area where you post inspirational quotes.
An altar is a representation of your inner spiritual calling. It is a shrine that holds images and objects that are sacred and have deep meaning for you personally. It should remind you of the best version of the highest vision that you have for yourself.  An altar provides an opportunity to consciously reflect on things you might otherwise take for granted.
An altar can be a beautiful way to connect with your deepest inner intentions for your life. From Sean Johnson, “Whatever you choose to place on it, an altar is a mirror of the heart, a reflection of the energies and attributes and love that you carry inside.”
An altar can be a place for you to meditate, pray or a place to give pause and recognition when you are in the space.
Items that you may want to consider including:
  • Feathers
  • Stones
  • Candle or candles
  • Books of significance
  • Prayer notes
  • Items symbolizing important people that have passed on
  • Spiritual or religious artifacts
  • Hand chosen objects that connect you to home, family and ancestors
Be mindful of the energy when you are in this space, whether walking by, sitting down or standing. It is a great space for gratitude, mindful moments or for time of meditation.​​​​​​
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