From the book The Art of Intuition by Sophy Burnham.

  1. They listen to their inner voice. They don’t dismiss it.
  2. They take time for solitude and silence.
  3. They access their creative side.
  4. They practice mindfulness and meditation.
  5. They are observant, they journal, and they connect the dots.
  6. They listen to their bodies. When something or someone doesn’t feel right in your body, LISTEN!
  7. They connect on a deep level with others.
  8. They pay attention to their dreams. There is much intuitive information to be found in them.
  9. They take time to enjoy the things they love, and they make time for down time.
  10. They mindfully let go of negative emotions. Of course, they can get upset, hurt and emotional yet they don’t wallow in it for long.