In speech, in anger, in spending, in greed, and in food, self restraint leads to success, true friends, and a joyful being. ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie    

Balance and Serenity

Balance activity with serenity, wealth with simplicity, persistence with innovation, community with solitude, familiarity with adventure, constancy with change, leading with following. ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie      ...


Trust your own inner guidance. Have faith that your steps are carrying you toward your dreams. Keep your eyes on the heavens and believe that your feet will carry you well. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie        

More Curiosity

Curiosity is one of the main factors that keeps us excited and engaged with life. Being curious, we look forward to the adventures that lie ahead. Curiosity keeps one young – in thought and in action. ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie