How many times have you spoke or reacted before you thought? I recently realized more than ever before as the events of the world are unfolding how very important it is to pause, prepare and pray before reacting. ~Sherry Petro-Surdel

Universal Currency

You have asked to serve as channels or conduits for celestial love to flow. Love is the currency of the universe, it is accepted and spent everywhere. A kind word, a thoughtful gesture, a genuine expression of interest was the currency of Jesus of Nazareth. ~The...

Alone Time

Often God uses solitude to help us know how to live with others. Spending time alone can help us be a better friend, partner, person. Have you had your alone time today? ~Sherry Petro-Surdel

Calling all Warriors of Light

From now on – and for the next hundred years, the Universe is going to help Warriors of the Light and hinder the prejudiced. The future has become the present and every dream except those dreams that involve preconceived ideas will have a chance to be heard. In order...