The Hero’s Journey

It is a heroic task to keep moving forward in the face of all the thoughts, feelings, self-judgments and obstacles in our path.  You are a hero.  The world doesn’t need super heroes, it needs REAL heroes.  ~Sherry Petro-Surdel


How many legs does a dog have if you call a tail a leg?  Four, calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.  ~Abe Lincoln The truth sets you free.

Miracle Worker

As we become purer channels for God’s light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in the world.  A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be.  ~Marianne Williamson

A Sage

Having discerned both worlds Both the inner and the outer And having chosen good over evil A man can be called a sage A man cannot be called wise simply because he is silent Whoever is aware, conscious of what is, chooses wisely That one can be called the a sage The...

The Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell wrote The Hero With a Thousand Faces.  We all are heroes/sheroes.  We are here to show up amazing.  We all have a hero’s heart.  What your heat longs for is a great way to know the hero within yourself.  ~Sherry Petro-Surdel